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Fellowship by Country



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How to Manage Notifications
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Welcome to the Online Church Fellowship Community. This is where you can talk to other Christians online! We hope that you will:


  • Find other Christians in your area to begin fellowshipping with!

  • Connect with your Fellowship Group.


We encourage you to fellowship, not only online, but in the cities where you live. We realize that there are wolves among the sheep who hide easily when contacts are not face to face. For this reason, we advise caution:


❤️ Following the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit.

🏚️ Do not give out your home address online.

🏥 Meet in a neutral location like a cafe until you have gotten to know the person.


If someone begins harassing you, please contact the administration via email immediately!


Find others in your area


  1. Look for the name of your country or region below.

  2. Select your state, region or country.

  3. Comment on the post: The title should be your CITY and introduce yourself in you want to find others to fellowship with.

  4. If there is no title with your city, create a new post with the name of your city as the title.

  5. Check back often to see if there are new OCC members in your area!

Fellowship Community
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