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Where do I begin learning?

How do I connect with others?

I need spiritual help or prayer!



Schedule appointments to talk about class material if you:


  • are struggling to understand the material

  • have been taught the application of the scriptures is different

  • have other scriptures that contradict the teaching

Find Tutoring appointments in each class.

Space is limited! Only schedule one appointment every three days.


If you are under an attack, schedule an appointment with:

  1. The Group Leader whose group you attend. 

  2. If you are not attending a Fellowship Group, please schedule a Let's Chat.


Only Schedule ONE appointment!


Afterward, they may:

  • recommend a specific class teaching linked to the issue

  • recommend an Intercession appointment

Advisors will give you a PASSWORD that is necessary for Intercession appointments.

Space is limited: Schedule no more than ONE appointment every THREE DAYS including:

(Let's Chat, Tutoring, and Intercession)

After your Let's Chat appointment, if you are recommended for Intercession click on the button below.

Dream Interpretation 


An appointment for Dream Interpretation with Lynn can be scheduled once a month. 

Please click on the button below to fill out the form and request the password.

Once you have received the password, click on the button below to schedule an appointment with Lynn.

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