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Privacy Policy

Our church retains basic fact from any appointment to coordinate with future appointments. We will not link personal information received in appointments to your first and last name. 

Our church will never sell or publicize your information. Please click the Do Not Sell My Information link at the bottom of the website so that the website service will not do this either. 

Terms and Conditions


All information given in any appointments is given in good faith, guided by the Holy Spirit to the best of our ability. It is up to the person who received the information to take this to the Lord and decide whether or not to act upon it.


Each person takes full responsibility for consequences or repercussions that may arise from acting upon information given in any appointments.


By scheduling any appointment with this Church, I release this church and all working in it from any legal responsibility from any actions I take. 

Don't Lose Your Appointment


REMINDER: If for any reason you cannot make the appointment you have scheduled with us, please let us know immediately so that someone else can take that time slot. This is common courtesy. We understand emergencies can happen so please message us at to cancel.


When you don't show up and do not cancel your appointment it will be considered a 'no show' on your records. If this happens with no communication from you, then all your other appointments will be canceled as well. You will not be able to schedule another appointment for 2 months.


Be sure to have your zoom link ready so that you are not late for your appointment. Because of our tight schedule, there is only a 10 MINUTE GRACE PERIOD for late arrivals. If you are later than 10 minutes, you will need to explain why before you can reschedule. Always check the clock on our website so that you understand in 'Mountain Time' what time your appointment is in your time zone. We look forward to meeting with you to go over the class material.


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