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Does Heaven have a government?

Are the "Courts of Heaven" in the Bible?

How do I get into the Courts?

Should we enter into the Courts?

Heaven's government


If you have ever asked yourself, "Why didn't my prayers get answered?" understanding the Courts of Heaven may help you discover why.

Videos and mp3's are in the Media section, if you prefer audio teachings.


Mature Christians are available to discuss the class material if you:

  • need help understanding it

  • have been taught something different

    • let's discuss it!​

    • bring scriptures to the meeting


Each section has Written Material with 'steps,' along with questions, media, and appointments. 

  • click on the 'Written Material' 

    • after reading it, click on 'mark as complete' 

  • Click on questions​

    • refer to written material for answers​

    • look at corrected answers for additional information

Please complete the steps in order. The written material before the questions holds the answers to them.


If you are under attack and cannot continue learning, please contact us!

or please schedule an appointment below for “Help for Non-Christians”.


How to Register and Complete a Class
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How to register and begin classes

Register on this website to begin classes!


Watch the How to Video and learn how to register to begin classes.


  • We suggest completing the classes in the order suggested! 

  • The material builds upon the material in previous classes.

This is what the Lord has suggested His people.

Should the Holy Spirit lead you to do the classes in a different way; please follow the leading of the Lord! 

The material in these classes builds upon the information in the prior classes.

  • Please complete the classes in the order listed.

Help with classes

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