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Code of Conduct

This is a Christian Fellowship group for the purpose of connecting the “members” of the Body of Christ. Agape Christian Fellowship team members are moderators of this group. 

Please report any member doing any of the following (option can be seen by clicking on them). A member may be removed and even blocked for the following actions:

  1. Promoting material or organizations other then those approved and/or a part of Agape Christian Fellowship. If you wish to have your materials or organization approved for sharing, please contact us. 

  2. Promoting secular businesses. This group is for fellowshipping about God and His things, not man’s. 

  3. Requesting financial assistance. As Christians, we look to God for our provision, not man. We give when God tells us to, if someone asks for things, that prevents us from hearing from God and doing as He says, instead, we are listening to man. If anyone asks for provision in any way, please pray for them and point them to God for their answer. Also, please make the admin aware so repeated offenders can be removed.

  4. Not walking in love. This is a Christian fellowship and we should all strive to walk in love: kindness, patience, long-suffering. 

  5. Debate doctrine. Abusive behavior will not be tolerated. In the Bible, Paul cautioned us not to debate beliefs. We all believe Jesus is our Lord and Savior, let Him work out all other detail. Contact the staff directly if you have concerns you cannot resolve through prayer. 

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