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How To Ask A Question!

Hint:  If you already know how to ask a question, but somehow it keeps disappearing, then just make sure you have “Published” your question.  


  • Use the “Search” field to see if your question or a similar question has already been asked by someone else.  

  • If not, provide a heading, or ask your question in the field provided.

  • Expand on your question by adding additional information (optional).

  • Always remember to PUBLISH your question.

  • Once it is published, you will be able to edit or even delete your question by clicking on the 3 dots.

  • Be on the lookout for an email notifying you that your question has been answered. You can also look at your profile menu on the website for a notification that you have answers waiting.

  • Hope you are now ready to post a question!

This video has been deleted.